In our role as investors and developers of real estate, we can make a
positive, even life-changing impact on people, communities, and the built
environment. It is our responsibility to manage this impact.

In many cases, our first decisions are around how much of an existing building structure we can retain with the aim of reducing our environmental impact through reduced waste to landfill, maximising resources and lowering embodied carbon emissions.

All our projects have specialist input to maximise their sustainability potential. Our design teams take care to reduce carbon emissions by producing energy-efficient buildings that we combine with environmentally conscious construction that encourages a reduction in waste and the recycling of materials.

We believe that optimising the sustainability potential of buildings provides long-term benefits for our partners, customers, communities, and the environment.

In recognition of our contribution towards shaping the built environment, we are committed to the planting of trees and the preservation of our natural forests and woodland. With our partners, we wish to play our part in building a greener, more sustainable future.

Urban Vision is a proud member of the UK Green Building Council and supporter of the Woodland Trust.